A boy on a train

Rictus grin

Hiss and snap of his phoney music

Not long been not shaving.

That smile

A mask

Gripped in his teeth

Hiding his fear

and the truth that his life is already over.



Caging each other in violence.


Archives are ultimately more about the future than the past, concerned as they are to secure their own survival.

Jacques Derrida’s position according to Ben Hutchinson in TLS, 4 Dec 15


The poet suggests that poetry is an act of naming. She summons images of relationships between discovery and what is known. Mapping and measuring. Interruptions, process, uncertainties. Precision and imagination.
She speaks of ‘creative nonfiction’, her examples of which seem all to be written in the first person. Is creative nonfiction all a kind of focused memoir? Autobiographical meandering?